Moinmoin, leeve Lü!
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the Low Saxon (Low German) language - the language of the North -
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Moinmoin, leeve Mackers (dear friends)!

Do you know about the Low Saxon greeting "Moin moin"? Look at the new page: What does "moinmoin" mean?. And if you want to write me, look here for my new email-adress

Did you think, Rome is far away from the North Sea? Well, read the new page Roman heritage in Low Saxon language and you will know more about the Latin heritage and Plattdüütsch as well. May be, you are interested in Low Saxon in medevial times, the lingua franca of the north, too.

By many requests, I have translated the page Why Platt is a language for its own into english recently.

Plattmasters Site has become an institution and I want to thank all contributors and visitors. Plattdüütsch, the Low Saxon language, is coming up again. A special spring webtip for you is the site Plattgaarn (plattdüütsch garden) made by Peter from Northern Frysland..
At my site you´ll find the Wordbook (recently updated), Low Saxon grammar, the Anglo-Saxon / Platt wordlist, songs, poems and storys, pictures of ancient Hamburg and much more. Just take a look at my sitemap "Webkort" or search at the page "Seuken. The growing Link page shows you the way to a lot of other Plattdüütsch sites in the web - from America over Europe to Australia. Well, enjoy the "beautiful world language Plattdüütsch".


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